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In Deerfield, Illinois 847-808-9500


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Congratulations To Angela and Eric Cass -
Just Married on Saturday, April 7th, 2001.


We are putting together a site for those of you who are planing a wedding and would like to view WEDDING RELATED web sites of services & businesses in the Midwest.

Looking for a great band?

Try Biff & the Waybacks.

Call: 847-541-7551

Or E-mail:

Looking for a sharp TUX ? 

Try The Groom's Store

1025 S. Lincoln Ave. - Aurora, Illinois

(630) 844-2323

Let's not forget...


This Gown Is Available At Wolsfelt's

Victorian Bridal Shop

1025 S. Lincoln Ave. - Aurora, Illinois

(630) 896-7166

Looking for a cake for 400 guests?

Here is a link you may enjoy...


Do you live in Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Ohio or Wisconsin?

Check back soon to see links to local WEDDING RELATED WEB SITES all over the MIDWEST. You can even suggest a URL

(www address) for us to check out at:


If we like it, you may even see it in our

"MM Wedding Section".

Please specify "WEDDING" as your subject.

Here is another web site link to try:

 MM's Wedding Section is also sponsored this month by Northcoast Bridal. Click on their banner at the bottom of the page to check out their WEB SITE.

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Fine Jewelery

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